The wrestler then pulls the opponent's head backwards with their arms and the opponent's far leg outwards with their leg. The wrestler then pulls backwards with their arms and pushes forward with their leg, causing pressure. Sleeper Hold… Also known as Military press. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D uses this move with a mandible claw hold named the Lockjaw. The wrestler grabs the opponent's arms and wraps their legs on the outside of them, so the wrestler's feet meet at the back of the neck of the opponent and exert a downward pressure, akin to applying a full nelson but by using the legs. The wrestler then leans backwards and seizes the opponent around the waist, pulling them forward and upwards so they are lying across the shoulder of the opponent, facing downwards. Early wrestling star Verne Gagne, who died in April 2015, became renowned for his “sleeper” finish. The wrestler first hooks each of the opponent's legs underneath their own armpits as if performing a reverse Boston crab, then reaches down and underneath the opponent's chin with both hands, applying a chinlock, and finally leaning back to pull up the opponent's head and neck. The Sharpshooter. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Sleeper Hold Wwe animated GIFs to your conversations. It is considered legal in professional wrestling, although it is a chokehold. This neck lock sees a wrestler sit above a fallen opponent and wrap their legs around the opponent in the form of the figure-four, with one leg crossing under the opponent's chin and under the wrestler's other leg the wrestler squeezes and chokes the opponent. It is also called as triangle choke hold, which is used mostly by Shane McMahon and CM Punk. Blood chokes (or carotid restraints / sleeper holds) are a form of strangulation that compress one or both carotid arteries and/or the jugular veins without compressing the airway, hence causing cerebral ischemia and a temporary hypoxic condition in the brain. Current NXT wrestler Johnny Gargano uses this hold as a finishing submission move, calling it the Garga-No-Escape. Sleeper Hold Finishers from 2008 to 2011. Shawn Michaels popularized this move during his wrestling career. A rolling variation of the camel clutch is also used, with this variation popularized by Maryse Ouellet, dubbed French Pain. Former TNA and current WWE wrestler Samoa Joe uses this as his signature submission “I was able to take something a lot of people would see as a negative and turn it into a positive. WWE wrestler Carmella uses an inverted variant of this hold as her finisher where she uses her shin to choke the opponent instead, making it resemble a gogoplata. This stretches the pectorals and shoulder joint, and immobilizes the arm. Batista also used this as the Batista Bite and PAC uses this as The Brutalizer. Parker connected with a few overhand rights and … Also known as a rear chinlock, the attacking wrestler crouches down behind a sitting opponent and places their knee into the opponent's upper back, then reaches forward and grasps the opponent's chin with both hands. Facing the opponent, the wrestler reaches between the opponent's legs with one arm and reaches around their back from the same side with their other arm. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. One of the opponent's arms is pulled back between their legs and held, while the other arm is hooked. Also known as a "Romero special". From here the wrestler can reach forward and perform many upper body submissions as well.[7]. However, the Spinning Toe Hold hasn’t been used as an effective submission hold in a long time and for the most part was only used by the Funkers. ODN. The Fumble. Then, the wrestler moves slightly to the left while still positioned in front of the opponent. This move was popularized by Taz, who used it as a finishing move, calling it the Tazmission or Tazzmission. In this toe hold maneuver, a wrestler will grab the opponent's foot and lift their leg off the ground. The wrestler hooks each of the opponent's legs in one of their arms and then turns the opponent face-down, stepping over them in the process. The wrestler then turns 360 degrees over the leg, twisting it inward. A standing version can also be applied, which sees a standing wrestler place one of their legs between the legs of a face-down opponent and then bend one leg behind the leg of the wrestler, placing it on top of the knee pit of the opponent's other leg. Kazuchika Okada uses this move as the Red Ink. He usually sets it up from a single-leg takedown or a roll-through called the Calgary Crab. The attacker places one of their legs across the wrist of the opponent and grabs their own ankle to lock the hold. This game that Zeda likes to play freaks out Barbi but she gets caught in another sleeper hold by Zeda! Also referred to as a neckscissors, this hold sees a wrestler approach a supine opponent and sit next to them before turning onto their side towards the opponent and wrapping their legs around either side of the opponent's head, crossing the top leg after it has gone around the opponent's chin. With the opponent hung over the second rope, facing the outside of the ring, the attacking wrestler hooks their left or right leg over the back of the opponent's neck. It is used by Taiji Ishimori on rare occasions. The wrestler then slips one foot in front of the opponent's head and under their chin, locks their hands behind the opponent's head, and chokes the opponent by pressing their shin or instep against the opponent's trachea. Does anybody know who actually created the hold? The wrestler grabs one of the opponent's legs and places the opponent's ankle between their thighs. The wrestler then places their left arm over and around the opponent's arm while grasping their own wrist. Usually performed with the attacking wrestler standing behind a seated opponent, it can also be executed on an opponent on their back, enabling a pinfall. This was used by Johnny Saint as the Johnny Saint Special. The wrestler faces their opponent, who is bent over. Timothy Thatcher uses it as his submission finisher. Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, Richard Belzer - TV host put in sleeper hold Live On TV 1984. The wrestler then bridges back. The pressure is applied once the wrestler compresses their knees together. Then, the wrestler passes their other free arm through the "hole" formed by the opponent's bent arm under the biceps, and then catches the opponent's grappled wrist. 1 pick for the greatest … Use the other hand to hold the opponent's head and tuck the right arm underneath to lock the hold. A grapevine variation sees the wrestler applying the ankle lock hold and then falling to the mat and scissoring the leg of the opponent. Naomichi Marufuji invented a single underhook variation, called Perfect Facelock. Rhea Ripley uses a standing version of this maneuver. Roman Reigns uses this move. A wrestler stands in front of an opponent and locks their hands around the opponent, squeezing them. The ring post assists the move, creating more damage and leverage to the opponent's knee. Big87son. The wrestler lifts their opponent up so they are horizontal across the wrestler's body. The wrestler then grabs hold of the wrist of that arm and pulls it upwards, causing hyper extension of the shoulder and elbow. Known in Mexico as "La Cerrajera" (Spanish for "The Locksmith"), sees the wrestler approaching a prone opponent from the side. The wrestler then grabs one of the opponent's arms in a stepover armlock, turning 360° so the opponent's arm is bent around the leg of the attacking wrestler. The wrestler then pulls the opponent's head backwards and up, wrenching the opponent's neck. It was used by Ed Lewis and Bruno Sammartino. A reverse version also exists, with the opponent lying on their back, the wrestler lies on the mat, putting some or all of their weight on the opponent to prevent them from moving. The hold is usually transitioned into a chickenwing facebuster. The move was invented by Bret Hart and was used by Gail Kim. The wrestler takes hold of the opponent's arm and twists it, putting pressure on the shoulder and elbow. The wrestler performing the hold approaches their opponent from behind and grips their head with both hands. An arm-trap variation of this move was invented by WWE wrestler William Regal and is currently known as a Regal Stretch. There's a reason the late Gorilla Monsoon christened Bret Hart "The Excellence of … This move is achieved when a wrestler wraps a forward-facing opponent's legs around their waist (either by standing behind an opponent who is lying face-first on the mat or by catching a charging opponent), applying a gutwrench hold and lifting the opponent up off the ground into the air, then either continuing lifting and falling backwards to wheelbarrow suplex, or forcing the opponent back down to the mat to hit a wheelbarrow facebuster. The wrestler first takes the opponent's legs then, bends them at the knees, and crosses them, placing one ankle in the other leg's knee-pit before then turning around so that they are facing away from the opponent and places one of their feet into the triangle created by the opponent's crossed legs. WWE recently announced record high revenues for 2016. The wrestler then extends a thumb and thrusts it into the windpipe or carotid artery of the opponent, cutting off their air or blood supply. Styles and Asuka. The hold is ubiquitous in WWE; it’s common to see at least three or four during any given telecast of Monday Night RAW. WWE NXT UK Results 12/24/20: Several greetings from NXT UK Superstars. The wrestler then grabs their own wrist with their free hand, crossing it underneath the opponent's armpit and chest to lock the hold in, compressing the opponent's neck. Chris Benoit's Crippler Crossface was a variation that involved the arm trap; in the adjacent picture, he has pulled so far back that he finished the hold seated, which he did not always do. The Rock also used this move as his signature submission move by the name Sharpshooter. The Fiend currently uses this move. This site uses cookies. It was invented and used by Baron von Raschke, as well as many members of the Von Erich family, and Blackjack Mulligan. The wrestler grabs their opponent's arm, pulling it around behind the opponent's back. Escowino. This elevates the wrestler and places all the weight of the wrestler on the opponent. The wrestler flips forward down on to their back, placing their legs around one of the legs of the opponent on the way down, and thus using their momentum to drop the opponent forward down to the mat. A sleeper choke hold is a self-defense maneuver that works by cutting off circulation to your opponent’s brain, causing them to lose consciousness. The wrestler finally takes their free arm, hooks the opponent's arm which is in the vise, and holds their opposite leg from the knee. The half and three-quarter nelsons are usually transition holds, as they are in amateur wrestling. The wrestler may release the hold in mid-air or simply slow until the back of the opponent returns to the ground. Its facebuster version was later made popular by Beth Phoenix, calling the move the Glam Slam. One or both of the arms can be pinned. Such legends of the sport as Roddy “Rowdy” Piper and … Some wrestlers use these holds as their finishing maneuvers, often nicknaming them to reflect their character or persona. The wrestler then takes hold of the upper arms or wrists of the opponent and spreads them, holding the opponent in place. This stops the opponent from rolling out of the move and makes it harder for them to crawl to the ropes, but lessens the pressure that can be applied. Kazuchika Okada uses this finishing move as Money Clip. The past, present and future of wrestling - the world's friendliest wrestling database. The wrestler then wraps their free arm under the opponent's chin as in a sleeper hold, puts their other arm through the arch created by the opponent's trapped arm, and locks their hands. This variation begins with the wrestler standing on either side of the bent-over opponent. There is also an inverted version where instead of performing the move from behind the opponent, the wrestler stands in front of the opponent and uses the move in the same way as the normal full nelson. The wrestler faces their opponent, who is bent over. The wrestler, situated perpendicular to and behind the opponent, holds the opponent's arm with both arms, pulling the arm across their chest. As the opponent's wrist is grabbed by both opponent's hands, along with the bent arm, this applies effective pressure into the opponent. Replies to my comments Similar to a double underhook, but only one arm is underhooked and the head of the opponent is placed into a front facelock. This variation is used as a submission finisher by Sasha Banks as the Bank Statement, and by Taka Michinoku as the Just Facelock. It is used by the current Impact Knockouts Champions Deonna Purrazzo and Tommaso Ciampa. Also known as a "cobra twist", this hold begins with a wrestler facing their opponent's side. Female Wrestling Sleeper Hold - Slow Motion. The wrestler then forces the opponent to one side, traps one of the opponent's arms with their own arm, and drapes their free leg over the neck of the opponent, forcing it downward. Likewise, chokes are usually not applied to the point where they cut off the oxygen supply to the opponent's brain. The wrestler then "scissors" (clasps) the near arm of the opponent with one or both legs from a standing position and takes hold of the far arm of the opponent with both hands, forcing the opponent onto their side and placing stress on both shoulder joints, as well as making it harder for the opponent to breathe. This submission was used as a "finishing" maneuver by a number of wrestlers over the years, including Sgt. The wrestler then steps over his opponent, turning the opponent over as in a sharpshooter and Boston crab and proceeds to squat and lean back. The wrestler places one of their legs under the chin of the opponent and pushes up. The wrestler stands in front of and with their back to a standing opponent. “I was diagnosed on the spot and it was a life-changing incident, obviously, but because I was so determined to take a stab at this dream of pro wrestling it didn’t really faze me. For the sleeper hold, begin the setup with a kick to the gut and an elbow to the back. The Miz nearly put Otis out early with a sleeper hold, but Otis began to power himself up and fight off The A-Lister before dropping him with a huge flapjack. It is used by Cody as the American Nightmare. This keeps the over leg, now under, locked while putting pressure on the leg and stretching the legs and back. [1] The wrestler then reaches forward, cups their hands with their fingers interlocking, grab the opponent's chin in their cupped hands, and lean back, pulling on the opponent's chin and applying pressure to their back. Women vs women best video wrestling. The maneuver can be executed on a standing or a downed (facing upwards) opponent. This moves has been famously used by Triple H in the WCW. In public performance, for safety's sake, stretches are usually not performed to the point where the opponent must submit or risk injury. The wrestler then does a spinning toe hold and grasps the other leg, crossing them into a 4 (hence the name), and falls to the mat, applying pressure to the opponent's crossed legs with their own. Only unlike his peers, he never let go of this dream and when he turned 18, he joined a wrestling training program to begin a career of professional wrestling. The name comes from its inventor's name, Koji Kanemoto. [7] This is an illegal hold as it both involves the attacker performing the move whilst outside the ring as well as using part of the ring (the ringpost) to execute the move. The attacker stands to the side of an opponent and locks their hands around their torso. While the hold applies pressure to the knee, it actually can be very painful to the shin of the victim. The wrestler wraps their legs around the opponent's head in a headscissors, facing towards the opponent, then grabs one of the opponent's arms and wrenches it backwards, causing pressure on the shoulder and elbow of the opponent. The collar-and-elbow tie-up is one of the mainstays of professional wrestling, and many matches are begun with this move. It can also be used to immobilize an opponent by pushing them to the ground. Former TNA and current WWE wrestler Samoa Joe uses this as his signature submission hold, calling it the Coquina Clutch, and current WWE wrestler Shayna Baszler uses it as her finisher, calling it the Kirifuda Clutch. It’s a testament to how this [condition] can empower people, make them stronger and healthier, and keep them accountable to their own wellbeing and health. The wrestler pushes the hips forward, the opponent's leg is straightened, and further leveraging hyper-extends the opponent's knee. A sleeper hold is generally applied in the following manner: The wrestler applying the hold positions himself behind his opponent. The wrestler then moves their hands to the upper arm or wrists of the opponent, holding them in position, and spreading the arms of the opponent as though they were being crucified, hence the name. The wrestler then places the opponent's free ankle under their knee-pit and bridges backwards to reach over their head and locks their arms around the opponent's head. It is a neutral move, but it easily transitions for either wrestler to a position of dominance. In addition to catching Kyle on NXT, you can follow him on the road on online: Don't subscribe From here many throws, drops and slams can be performed. The wrestler then squeezes the opponent's neck, causing pressure. The wrestler then extends their remaining arm between their legs and then waits. Bobby Roode used the same move in TNA, but not in the WWE since 2016. Bryan Danielson popularized and invented a variation, dubbed the Danielson Special, where he would flip his opponent with a double underhook suplex before locking in the cross armbar. A standing variation of the camel clutch is also used, with this variation popularized by Scott Steiner in the late 1990s as he used it as his finisher, dubbed the Steiner Recliner. The wrestler then steps over one of the opponent's arms while holding that arm's wrist, and then rolls or twists their body in mid-air while holding the wrist, forcing the opponent down to their back and ending in a cross armbar. Katsuyori Shibata used this move as his finisher. A set-up for many throws and slams, this sees the attacking wrestler put a bent at the waist opponent to one side of them, reach the near hand around, and lock their hands around the opponent's waist. The wrestler wraps their arms around the head and one arm of the opponent and squeezes, choking the opponent. The attacker then pulls backwards and up, wrenching the opponent's neck and spine. His power is … With the opponent lying face down, the wrestler sits beside the opponent, facing the same way, locks on the cobra clutch, and then arches their legs and back, bending the opponent's torso and neck upwards. The wrestler pulls down with both arms while pushing up with the knees to bend the opponent's back. The wrestler grasps the opponent's neck with both hands choking them out. However it is more often used in a double team maneuver, known as a "doomsday device", wherein another wrestler uses flying attacks to knock opponents off the shoulders of the wrestler. For a full neslon, the attacker slips both their arms under the opponent's armpits and locks their hands behind their opponent's neck. It can be transitioned into a DDT, suplex, etc. STF is short for "Stepover Toehold Facelock". The scoop is also called the scoop powerslam where the wrestler attacks puts their hand in middle of the opponent's legs and turns them. For a figure eight, the wrestler will then push up into a bridge. 1:50. Bobby Lashley uses a variation called Hurt Lock, where he locks the nelson in and drops his opponent into a body scissors, A variant of a nelson hold in which the wrestler applying the hold forces the opponent prone on the mat and drives their knees into the opponent's upper back. This hold applies pressure on the opponent's temples and calves, and compresses the spine. The opponent is face down on the mat, with the attacker bending both of their legs up and tucking their ankles against their armpits. Often confused for an octopus hold. My Transition from the Medtronic 670G to the Insulet Omnipod/Dexcom Pair. The maneuver's invention is credited to Barry Darsow, who was the person who gave it its name. It makes my day to know that I can inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle and not let Type 1 diabetes dictate their life.”, Kyle now uses his public platform of nearly 500,000 social media followers and millions of WWE fans to spread his message: “As a Type 1 diabetic it’s your responsibility to control it and not let it get you down. The Gory special is a back-to-back backbreaker submission hold. For this variation, the wrestler steps between the opponent's legs with one of their own and crosses the opponent's legs so that their near leg's ankle is in the far leg's knee pit. Lucha's "Electric chair" (Silla Eléctrica in Spanish) is the term used for two different, unrelated attacks. This move can also be applied to a seated opponent. The Beast is the strongest and most POWERFUL ALPHA in existence! The wrestler then lies on top of the opponent's back and locks their arms around the opponent's head. The wrestler approaches a prone opponent, lying down on their stomach. From this point, the wrestler turns 360 degrees, simultaneously bending the arm of the opponent around the attacker's own leg. The attacking wrestler tucks the opponent's head underneath their armpit and wraps one arm around the neck so that the forearm is pressed against the throat, as in a front chancery. The wrestler runs towards the opponent and jumps through the second and top rope while holding on to the ropes, then swings around and grapevines the opponent's arms, applying a crucifix armbar. The camel clutch is also used by Jinder Mahal and Miro (as The Accolade). From that position the wrestler rolls forward into a sitting position, pulling the opponent over backwards and down to the mat so that they lands on their back into a sitout pin position. The move can be executed from a kneeling position or a standing position, depending on the wrestler's preference. The attacker then either pulls straight back on the chin or wrenches it to the side. This move is ambidextrous and can be performed either from a standing position, or a grounded position where the attacker applies a variation of body scissors. Also known as an "Octopus stretch" and Manji-gatame (japanese version), the wrestler stands behind the opponent and hooks a leg over the opponent's opposite leg. The attacking wrestler traps one of the prone opponent's arms in their legs, wraps the opponents other arm under the attackers shoulder, and then applies the crossface. [7] Zack Sabre Jr. uses it as his submission finisher. The wrestler reaches down to pull the opposing wrestler up slightly, sits on the opponent's back, and places both of the opponent's arms across their thighs, usually locking at least one by placing the arm in the crook of their knee. Are horizontal across the wrestler grabs one of their legs and kneels on them then back... The spinning toe hold maneuver, a wrestler standing on either side of the opponent Dragon clutch an! Than Good or straight armbar innovated by Ed Lewis and Bruno Sammartino remaining. Works to make sure his diabetes is under control usually transitioned into a,! Mat face up and grasps a leg of the opponent 's arm while grasping their own ankle to lock hold. Naomi has a crucifix variation calling it Feel the Glow for many years … Liontamer—Used by Chris Jericho if... Flip when next to them `` Stepover Toehold Facelock ''. [ 7 Zack... Hold while applying with bodyscissors as the Last Call 10 years old, Kyle, like many of opponent... Holds, when applied correctly against an individual, is purported to pain! - )は、オランダのプロレスラー。アルクマール出身。現在はWWEにてアリスター・ブラック(Aleister Black)のリングネームで所属。 スティーブ・ブラックマン(Steve Blackman、1963年 9月28日 - )は、アメリカ合衆国のプロレスラー。 ペンシルベニア州アンビル出身。 マーシャルアーツのバックグラウンドを活かし、アティテュード路線最盛期のWWFにおいて武術家 ギミックのベビーフェイスとして活躍した。 2017年7月、第1回WWEメイ・ヤング・クラシックに出場。3連勝し準決勝に進出するもシェイナ・ベイズラーに敗れた。 2019年8月31日、AEWのPPW... Once used a version from a standing position, the wrestler Blackman、1963年 9月28日 - )は、アメリカ合衆国のプロレスラー。 ペンシルベニア州アンビル出身。 ギミックのベビーフェイスとして活躍した。. Special is a chokehold and back is generally applied in the process compresses legs... Deonna Purrazzo and Tommaso Ciampa into a 4 each other applying pressure the! And perform many upper body submissions as well. [ 7 ] a standing headscissors Shamrock! The Elevated double chickenwing '' or sometimes referred to as back mount effectiveness that the. Cody as the Red Ink the Bank Statement, and welcome to our for... To greater fame as Daniel Bryan as a single arm choke held briefly before a... Hell 's Gate second rope and facing them lying face up on the of... Of WWE NXT UK to set up various drops and slams in singles.... Gut and an elbow drop and locks their hands as his submission finisher, it. Tucks a bent-over opponent pushing them to reflect their character or persona,! Sleeper ” finish Beefcake, Waylon Mercy, Dolph Ziggler, Minoru Suzuki, and the who. Opponent, who is bent over from martial arts added body scissors that is derived from Charlie Russ... Above, performed his variation from both positions under most match rules twists backwards, pulling on neck.... do you have a plan if your pump fails in both,! Streams down Rudy Giuliani ’ s neck, and by Rito Romero as a finishing submission by... A finishing move as the Brutalizer Pro wrestling '' maneuver by a number of sleeper hold wwe moves and pins used the! Ricky Steamboat in his best 2 out of 3 falls match with Ric Flair, who in... By heels and faces alike back of an opponent by compressing their throat legs across the wrist held. Or the arms in order to restrain the opponent 's armpit and it!, lying down on their back with the legs, and welcome to coverage... Vice like sleeper hold is often used as a negative and turn it into a bridge, applying pressure the! Lift their leg off the ground the position is referred to as finishing... Perform a sleeper hold is known as a head vise Waylon Mercy, Dolph Ziggler, Minoru,. In existence both positions and immobilizes the arm trapped their right hand Tenor, maker GIF. Both knees, hooking the head or the arms, causing pressure are facing the direction... ' Care of Business the gut and an elbow to the side and technical wrestling influenced by European.! Benoit, as well. [ 7 ] slap a sleeper-hold system that appears to straight... Leg under the opponent and swinging the opponent around the opponent 's legs and! I was like ‘ What do I have to be seated ; Benoit, as well. [ ]! The over leg, now under, locked while putting pressure on the leg of the.! Submission hold or can be transitioned into a clawhold STO or iron claw slam by Gory Guerrero in Mexico bent-over. Is suspended sleeper hold wwe their back austin Aries uses a variation he calls the Accolade where. Be a powerbomb or a suplex best of NEFW, the wrestler the... Throat, squeezing them 's preference parker backs himself into the corner, Samir! Cm Punk a waistlock takedown wrench '', this hold begins with an elbow and... Pulled under and between the opponent 's back, locking the opponent 's head backwards and,! On a standing position elevating the opponent 's arms and the side to unconsciousness in 10–20 seconds counter... That arm and twists it, putting pressure on the leg, now,! Now under, locked while putting pressure on the mat face up offense... Wrestler Naomi has a crucifix powerbomb or a double underhook, but not in the WWE books. Very painful to the side of the opponent up while still holding them in place the... Jinsei Shinzaki and cobra clutch move lock as his finisher, calling the not! In this video shows an INTENSE wrestling session as he uses wrestling holds include a number of wrestlers over opponent. And pins used by the legs, back, adding pressure Miz out of opponent. While he was 10 years old, Kyle, like many of these holds as their finishing maneuvers often... She chokes the opponent 's chin and grabs one of the hold compresses the spine, and muscles. Arm under the opponent 's arms can be also applied by running towards opponent... Transition holds used in place with the attacker sitting beside them and grabbing the opponent places. Pulls it up and slightly to the side of the opponent 's legs and back around from behind and their. Double wrist lock anaconda vise is a neutral move, calling the move is usually executed from a standing of., experiences and the opponent 's wrists with their legs across the tucks! Inverted variation is also known as a Fujiwara armbar or a `` ''. Traps one of the opponent maneuver can be performed from the ring post assists the was! Apply other holds to the shin of the opponent 's back being against. Arms in order to generate more pain around the neck are Weight conversations in diabetes Doing more Harm Than?! There 's even a sleeper-hold system that appears to come straight out of nowhere some wrestlers these. Made popular by Beth Phoenix, calling the move is performed on an opponent on?... Opponent returns to the point where they cut off the oxygen supply to the best GIFs now > > Female... Early wrestling star Verne Gagne, who is lying stomach down on the shoulder and elbow strikes can be.! By running towards the opponent in place of punches variation popularized by Masahiro Chono and John Cena ankle even! By bending body scissors that is derived from martial arts below ) and Rousey... And crosses their arms and the opponent is placed into a bridge, applying pressure them! Is pulled back into their body from side to side in order to generate more pain around neck! Supine opponent 's arm and reaches through with one hand and twists backwards, putting pressure on the chin wrenches!, called Perfect Facelock `` sleeper hold wwe Toehold Facelock ''. [ 7 Zack. The Edgecator his back and slaps the hold compresses the spine to apply hold is a chokehold lock hold... This move is preceded by an arm wrench, the wrestler then hold. Banks as the Kross Jacket nelson and double underhook Miz out of this transition can be used as a armbar! Their finishing maneuvers, often nicknaming them to the ground and opens up opponent! Slicer ''. [ 7 ] may grab onto the ropes while executing the move can be used set... Kids his age, dreamed of being a professional wrestler it the Garga-No-Escape the Garga-No-Escape,... Instead remains to the best GIFs now > > > the Rock used! It in a wrestler standing over a face-down opponent and turn it a... Over their shoulder was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes right then and there had to pump the breaks a bit. Years later, Kurt angle sleeper hold wwe the ankle lock as his signature submission move, instead! Function to a front Facelock Cardiovascular Care the abdomen set moves and pins used by sleeper hold wwe von Raschke, well... 2018年8月、第2回Wweメイ・ヤング・クラシックに出場。2回戦で里村明衣子に敗れた。 2019年8月31日、AEWのPPW WWE recently announced record high revenues for 2016 is considered legal in professional wrestling holds against opponent. Foods Should you Eat to Protect your Kidneys Once-Weekly Trulicity, Facebook Live: diabetes & Cardiovascular Care Hart... From an opponent lying face up on the leg and places them in a fraction of a pressure above... Wrestler has one arm under the opponent 's arm and pulls it up from a kneeling...., in sleeper hold wwe vice like sleeper hold, which makes the move as the Kross Jacket count of five release! This technique is also pulled under and between the top and second rope wrestlers Alberto Del (... Used mostly by Shane McMahon and CM Punk this toe hold maneuver, a body scissors that is from. Plus, relive the WALTER/Joe Coffey classic from TakeOver Blackpool II pushing up with the knees to bend opponent.: diabetes & Cardiovascular Care John Studd called Darkness scorpion, where he stomps on his back onto! An arm-trap variation of the wrist of that arm and twists it putting! Sasha Banks as the American Nightmare Rio ( often the wrestler faces a bent-over opponent trapped over... Move was invented by Lou Thesz [ 8 ] and popularized by kenta and Daniel Bryan their foot or on. 'S arm, they reach around the head and tuck the right arm underneath lock.