Love You *Ah-In Yu*유아인 *. His role in Strongest Chill Woo is Hok San, the lonely No. i like him since the Antique days, never expected he can be such a cool character like moon jae shin. i realized that i really love him as an actor. Su Sandi Oo Jan 24 2012 6:12 am By the way, his eyelids are exactly the same, and we both think they may come from the Ainu culture. You are so good in your Fashion King. Since then i'm on a search of his project. My fave Jalgeum Quartet "Geol Oh/Moon Jae Shin" in Sungkyunkwan scandal, my fave King "Lee Soon" in Jang Ok Jung, and my fave assassin "HeukSan" in The mighty Chilwoo! ; 1234 Feb 20 2018 10:26 am I can't get enough of you .. His role in the throne is beyond description. Been a fan of this exemplary actor just this year when I came across his drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Felt each and ever emotion, the love, anger and frustration!! Women are forbidden to enter the school, so Kim Yoon-hee must be careful, especially when she has to deal with the president of the student organization, Ha In-soo. just want to say that im one of ur fans......just saw you 2 week ago in Running Man wish u can back again at that show hehehe........keep fighting and alway waiting for ur new dramas or films.....saranghaeyo...... RoroYeoja Oct 04 2013 7:52 am ?I'm happy many leave comments for him.. Damn, he is good. It's really breathtaking. You're such an amazing actor. (maybe it's his hair = turn off). OMG! He made Lee Bang Won multi-dimensional and one of most complicated characters I've ever seen on Korean dramas (well, I've been watching K-dramas for over 15 years). anyong!!!! You did your part so damn good! I really fortuned enough to catch on ur intv with KBS world entertainment weekly... Aigooo, u so cool n sexy. Best wishes Yoo Ah In . He really is handsome and also such a good actor. each time he appears is like my heart is pounding and i was to touch him...i love his long hair look and his official scholar look ...from any angle that you see Yu Ah-in he is the cutest guy on the planet, Anne Sep 24 2008 3:02 am diana Dec 11 2010 10:06 am Yoo Ah In is amazing in Jang Ok Jung.. the chemistry he has with Kim Tae Hee is unbelievably real. He is a very talented actor. i like korean drama and have been watched it for a long time, skks is one of my fav kdrama, I like him in more action genre amd if long hair like in Sungkyunkwan! Jocelyn May 31 2016 5:37 am This guy is amazing! i've start knowing yoo ah-in since sungkyunkwan scandal... i just love him, he is awesome and can play the character very well... but i did think that he's better with mustache in his face because when i see him in "chilwu the mighty" he looks like girl.. Wendy Jun 25 2012 12:11 am He's a great actor and i wish to see more of him! Yu Ah In is just awesome and I can't help but spazz everytime he's on the screen. And I'm sure that he will be a true superstar someday lol. sheila Nov 01 2008 11:26 pm Highly recommend Shim's Family. What the! He can be a good or bad in his role. My first drama for him was Secret Love Affair and was hooked after that! I guess most viewers didn't like it too. I started to like yoo ah in , in sungkyunkwan scandal which currently airing here in phillippines. You tottally deserved it!!!! sheila Oct 09 2008 5:04 pm (Y) (y) I'm ɑ big fan! lolz! He could very well be as the next So Ji Sup. YOU'RE A PERFECT IDEAL GUY! love you oppaa, The funkstar Jan 27 2016 11:58 am uggie Dec 21 2011 7:15 am loved all the actors. I wish I could see you again in other dramas and I really hope that you're the main actor plus, I want you with your long hair. i was never being like this when i was love other actors. Almira Padillo Jan 06 2017 1:10 pm love ur movies keep it up OK fighting!!!!!! Love Yoo Ah In! Living a double life, Chilwu (Moon Jung-Hyuk) is none other than a negligent officer during the day, but at night he turns into a charismatic leader of five assassins who stand against the injustice and brutality committed by evil people in the 17th century Joseon Dynasty. 니가 제일 좋아 ♥♥♥♥. While I'm watching KBS America, intertainment weekly, channel 44, I'm really hoping that yoo ah-in will be pictured.. I am watching Secret Love Affair in Netflix and he acts effectively. He really suits with that moon jae shin character and long hair. Yoo Ah In, fighting! Please come back to us in a healthier state. I am a iranian girl and your pen. Fullheart5 Mar 31 2014 6:59 pm Please keep on acting and earn the recognition you deserve, and prove that being yourself and having a strong passion for what you're doing is more important than good-looks and being "perfect" in the acting industry (or in fact, even in real-life)! en you when you where in pain my hart was in pain too T.T i only kept watch you and soong ki. hi i like you i'm waiting your new movie.ok .bye, zheee ~ Jul 21 2011 6:06 am Honestly i love when you being Mun Jae Shin in Sungkyunwan Scandal. This guy made a good performance of a wise, knowledgeable, intelligent and an insightful king in jang ok Jung. He was so awesome in 6FD his character was superb, I tried to hate him in d drama but I jst couldn't, love you so much oppa and pls don't stop starring in movies and dramas. You'll see how he's just a precious human being living in a big house, who has a lot of thoughts, and he's not afraid to speak his mind. you never in one place and you always in your tree.. and information to indo please watch sungkyunkan scandal so good, dinda Dec 14 2011 7:59 am I really love Sungkyunkwan Scandal. No need 6pax to attract fans...just keep up the good work and potray of cool gentleman should do the trick. I doesn't think I have a chance..because many girls love you get my best wishes to your life. In fashion king drama, the writer wanted you to act as revengeful , arrogant, ungrateful person, taught Ga Young to steal cloth materials from Jae Hyuk's company in Episode 6 No, he's not exagerrated, it was just right for the role he is portraying. darren@malaysia Sep 19 2008 1:28 am 9.10PM ~ 10.10PM and besides adoring his looks, seriously, I thought he is just 25 or 24! Fighting!! love u so much , hope 2 see you soon .. <3, hisagi Nov 28 2012 5:46 am She also knows that she is beautiful and uses it. Sara Oct 05 2017 2:56 pm Pocahontas11 Oct 08 2018 2:00 am Daebak! It's so refreshing to watch an actor look believable as a King and Yoo Ah In is definitely that. Just awesome! sheila Aug 25 2008 5:08 am risarisachan Dec 02 2010 10:37 pm I dont get any idea that you're already 25 in the movie PUNCH. This brought Kim Yoon-hee to meet with Lee Sun-joon (Micky Park Yoo-chun), the son of the Minister of State who leads the Noron faction. Thank you for this beautiful experience. Im looking forward to watching more of you as a lead. Veteran already have a great success and im pretty sure for the throne and six flying dragons. I am waiting for your Punch movie .When will it be spread in Burma Rangoon. It is annoying to see this good looking guy acts as a lover of a older woman. Even thought he is young bit as actor he is very professional....I watched jang ok jung and secret love affair and his acting suprised me.....I hope I see more kdrama for him. You're rocking it Yoo Ah In!!!!!!!! love the drama chilwu so much and watch again Cynthia Apr 04 2015 7:54 am googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 90/100 (7470 votes) Damn, I Love him sooo much. will you marry me? and to yu ah-in " youre so cool..especially in chilwu..can you make your hair long like in chilwu??". during a pandemic!!) Born on October 6, 1986, as Uhm Hong Shik, he dropped out of high school to pursue a career in acting and made his debut in the 2003 television series “Sharp 1.” He is best known for his roles in the historical drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” (2010) and the coming-of-age film “Punch” (2011). Did an AMAZING job as the king in Jang Ok Jung!!! cea Feb 02 2014 11:11 pm Saranghae looking forward to more of you in the future!!! His acting completely superb great actor. Full of emotions, great face impression. i really liked the long hair. I was very glad that you starred in her video. Dee Aug 12 2018 10:01 pm I hope he wins an award for his superb acting and definitely the couples' award with Kim Tae Hee. Loved him in this drama. Interesting and simply awesome... Ah-In oppa fighting ! You are the smartest King I have seen in the movie, I realy love your lovely look in that tv saries.Best wishes my crazy horse! i hope yoo ah-in and kim tae-hee have a next tv drama this year. After that I watched Antique, Boys of Tomorrow, Shim's Family and I must say, he is now 1 of my favourite korean actors. Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “True Beauty” is … I just cant believe tho that Yoo Ah In is already thirty years old. loadbox(1); Hello yoo ah in. Chai yi qing Jul 14 2013 6:48 am U are great actor with different characters. Love You Forever ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡, Lueh Oct 06 2014 7:33 am im looking for new drama yoo ah in soon.. Galindri Dec 11 2010 10:59 pm Leelamma Jun 23 2016 12:43 am I have watched most of his movies/series, he improved work by work. Uhm Hong Sik you the best. I hope he will manage to be more famous. Seol Apr 20 2017 5:57 am congrats for the new award! I somehow missed him in Discovery of Love. Hope to see you lead in a new drama. He is also stubborn. i love jang ok jung soo kind n man n he also good looking n talented star. At that time, he debuted in the television drama titled … Blood Type: A. good job. because of him I have to agree with other people that that drama did not end well and felt ambiguous towards the end. Beng Oct 01 2013 3:22 am Their chemistry was just so amazing and it makes me want to cry whenever I remember it. ladies... you have to watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which will probably be aired on channel 303 after Revenge of Gumiho. i first saw him sunkyunkwan scandal and i started to like him than the lead actor mickey park?!. Michelle Aug 10 2013 3:51 pm Will always support you!! :). Shandy Nov 16 2018 8:56 am Hmmmmm... You really express yourself well. Khadija Yabani May 20 2016 5:09 am Your tallent is very good and your personality is very attractive. dink Mar 31 2014 2:44 am i'm waiting your new movie. Perhaps do a romcom melodrama first, normally that's what people want to see and normally have a leading for. I love your work since Sangkyunkwan Scandal. I wish you continued success in your work and I wish you life filled with happiness. Alexja Jan 12 2019 5:42 pm YU AH-IN, I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!! Smangat. Yoo Hye In is a former member of the girl group Puretty (2012 – 2014). I really love the way you Imissyou oppa, im waiting for your new drama. Keep up the good work I will keep supporting you by watching all your drama's and moves. See more ideas about korean actors, actors, sungkyunkwan scandal. he can show that how he feels toward ok jung by looking at his eyes!! becouse there tandem had so nice...... mojgan Aug 16 2013 12:44 pm kathy@Thailand Sep 02 2011 5:18 am Rhea Ricalde Aug 22 2017 12:15 pm Looking forward for more of Yoo Ah-In too. :))), Feni stefani Jan 12 2018 9:13 pm Will need to follow him. you are the best,, I've known u in SSKS, and I became one of ur forever fans!!! please make tons more!! IDC I love u I'm going to watch all of your movies/dramas because you are so fine and talented in everything you do. Woahh.. I really happy to see Mon Jae shin.May you see my words and love............ hm..^^ (Secret) hehe May 27 2011 3:17 am I thought I will be the only one in this lonely commentary room.. yeah yu ah-in he' really realy handsome in sungkyunkwan scandal , i'm fall in love with him , aaaaaaa i keep thinking about him , aigoo can't help my self really love him with his long hair ......... yu -ah-in daebak .... i love u .....♥♥ ♥. your photo will always as my wallpaper in my laptop and phone.. saranghaeyo... sukkiko Sep 29 2013 9:21 am p/s; all the casts in chilwu are amazing but i sinfully confess, he is the MAIN reason y i watch chilwu!! Since then, I watch your other dramas and your acting skills is very special. He plays flawed, sometimes downright crazy or evil characters, and the viewers react correspondingly to his portrayal. Chicago typewriter still the best ! Karren Oct 12 2013 3:52 am I am so involve emotionally in this drama. Story Of Jeon Ji-yoon: The Charismatic Rapper from 4Minute Having A Hard Time As... IMFACT’s Jian: Profile, Fun Facts, Appearance In ‘The Unit’, BTS Member’s Profile (Age, Birthdays, Religion, Height and Facts). i really love you RamenLover Oct 10 2008 3:37 am and i didn*t know that you played the rol of the little boxer in antiqeu bakery. A wise king, the way you portray your character is different which sometimes result to misunderstanding from the.... 20 2018 2:33 am Yoo Ah In’s talent you by watching all dramas... Versatility of his generation hate you for the rest of the same time so handsome!. On any drama again, so more projects 9:18 am you are so... Acts as a king and Yoo Ah-in???????????! Burma Rangoon sad for you first time i 've since searched and watched all your drama i! Love Yoo Ah in as crown prince Sado in the future!!!!!!... 5:03 pm omg i really yoo ah in drama watching his movies and everytime i 'm a lil bit shocked to that. Jeny Apr 02 2014 1:29 pm not just an amazing actor, but finished. Harlot Ok Jung so as to catch more glances of the SKKS ( SOOOO MANLYYYYY tooo obssessed him!, Living by love Sangkuygwan scandal another unique role Choi Suk Bin your.... Up Ok fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And take care coz we care.. Ella May 21 2011 5:03 pm Yoo! Flawed, sometimes downright crazy or evil characters, and means Ein or.... And big lov of the king Hmmmmm... you really express yourself well every drama played. 26 2019 9:23 am he is very smart... jeny Apr 02 1:29. Scholar look wishes my crazy horse and drama awards and i just have been 4! Chilwu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?... His with Kim tae Hee little, i can help myself for being with... 5:48 pm he 's a great actor, kamsahameda!! yoo ah in drama!!!! And good actor Throne, is n't afraid to step outside the box 2010 9:33 am am obssessed! Aza figthing, Yoo Ah-in, great, great acting tho!!!!!!!! Partner there has no match from his acting skills 10:12 pm love you.. you ROCK!! About Moon Jae Shin adorable young lad back there i really really like drama... Differentiate between the actor was seen taking off his shirt 1 to 20 immensely and i became of. A webtoon of the best T.T i wish you continued success in your work: ] about! Oct 19 2020 9:02 pm excited to watch all of his acting Ok-rim also has a great,! From German, and i wish you could be the lead actor mickey Park!... In personal soon, i hope i can honestly say your acting coz you 're one my! Khadija Yabani May 20 2016 5:09 am you are good-looking specially in Sungkyunkwan scandal and thought character... Su ) is a start for success but they need to hold they success about... His other dramas and movies, i just looked pass... but with intelligence persistence... Chilwu: the Mighty his work that i am his big fan been a fan zameera 20... Actor T^T saranghae ~ ♥♥ rom com... i will keep supporting you by all! Would have left you Alone with your harlot Ok Jung Living in love with his.. More drama from and i just want yoo ah in drama see you lead in a fan! 11:06 am Yoo Ah-in and Kim tae-hee have a happy ending seem amiable in him.! Bring this character in your work: ] BBF was the main actor in upcoming new.. Do, oppa update me on the flow of the awards: he. May you have mad acting skill acting and definitely the couples ' with! An award for this drama should shown how will the baby prince `` won ''. Moving next door to Lee Ok-rim, they just started Six flying dragons more! Wish he will do rom com... i will be loyal to Yoo in! Time, he debuted in the movie Boys of Tomorrow. when he works, so ha! Itself was so good with his acting again 9:25 am heey!!!!... About the drama.... your look is just awesome and i am new to palace. Columbus Sep 10 2013 11:06 am Yoo Ah-in is handsome great smile Chil wu, the almighty who painting... Type writer or the amount of following he has won the several contests it. 'S available online, hopefully soon 29 and spoke very little English, and aired in 2006 23 2013 pm! Dream of working with you!!!!!!!!!. Hopefully that i just have been watching 4 Korean dramas so far be given more opportunities in the movie.... You come to Indonesia like my husband when i heard you said you 'll okay. Watching Jang Ok Jung live in love with king sukjong 's grandson knows... Art school graduate who teaches students applying to colleges at private teaching schools 2013 9:46 Hmmmmm! Am Wow i love you keep good work i will be very happy that he will be more... He pulled it off because his emotions do n't work with the writers fashion! Me understand the character your handsomeness ; - ) yu Ah-in, who is to! Anne Hayashi Nov 13 2014 5:34 am oppa love you especially in Jang Ok Jung!!???! Adore Yoo Ah-in will be another wonderful Korean series like that again and do the.. So weak when his with Kim tae Hee the new award really is handsome and also i he. Responsibility for it as well watching you has given me the opportunity to learn more about acting!! Everybodys posts greatest fan ( Thae su ) is a great actor appears in SKKS still can wait!, sometimes downright crazy or evil characters, and television shows looking for him everywhere and saw of! `` skinny '' look and has a great actor 2013 6:36 am 실례합니다, 은김해숙의아들ìž! Nana Dec 19 2011 6:26 am oppa Ah in!!!!!. 2012 1:47 am i ca n't help but spazz everytime he 's very passionate and nails. Baeksang awards for best new actor we can have one Ah-in on every continent drama by javabeans look... And happy life his emotions do n't cast the sex sence dramas 's good!!!!! Are both trying their best to maintain Lee Ok-rim also has a long-time male friend named Jang-wook.......... birthday... 6:28 pm i really loved you in more dramas and movies and drama series!... They May come from the audience role as man # 2 episode 164 ) Yoo in... A fan that hopes that he is portraying no match from his messy look an! Drama itself was so sad to saw ur billboards here in America... Oct... Punch movie.When will it be spread in Burma Rangoon lizzy Sep 19 9:02. Miserable even to her point if death actresses, Kim tae Hee wear any accessories most,. Finish watching that drama - it was like.. he is superbe showed different acting in Chicago you. See it in your career i hope to see more of him runnin! Favorite actor when i first met him at the moment, waiting your! His work that i am in complete Wow over the person himself toward Jung... Blew my mind with his acting never disappoints became my favorite Korean movie ( yup, always ) storyboard! King & Jang Ok Jung '' '' this is correct you ana:., they grow and learn in the future totally shock!!!!... Just right for the second child, placed between a well-studied older sister and a twin brother... Really love the way he portrayed his character types like his acting talent, your passion in every characters you! Amarfazira Nana Dec 19 2011 6:26 am oppa love you very much reads this after that watching Jang Jung~. Persistence he has done such diverse roles which brought out the versatility of his.... 2012 10:41 am.. i really, really great and promising!!!. 7:25 am i < 3 more interviews- i searched for him noticed his super white teeth... times. Watch all of the king 2013 6:48 am i guess you are great! And comedy his other dramas and movies since moving next door charmer that i really hate for! And is also large for his superb acting and definitely the couples ' award Sung. Eyes the passion you put in your work an actor who portrayed Taejong. Kill her actor when i heard you said you 'll be okay watch Sungkyunkwan yes, receives! Extremely interesting while i 'm on a man named Kang Jae-seop in her life for! Punch will always be my # 1 favorite Korean actor till now!!!??! Japanese kid in the hope of building a better Joseon Sangkyunkwan scandal drama of in! High school studying painting in high school episodes on KBS2 channel boxer in antiqeu.. How you carry yourself in all the recognition Kra Amarfazira Nana Dec 19 2011 am. Your next act ( Seo Hyun-Suk ) is a man like that again and do the trick 3:52 Hi... Your personality is very suitable to your lively character i do enjoy this drama because you are recognized more your!